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Your next vacations on l'Ile d'Yeu

Like a paradise, off the coasts

Port-Joinville was the first and largest cod port of France and the fishing vessels voyaged across the Atlantic in search of their catch. Around the beginning of the 20th century the port became more important for tuna fishing, a trade that still exists to this day. The fishing industry now consists of deep sea fishing for cod, tuna and other pelagic species, and local inshore fishing for tuna, crabs, lobsters and last but by no means least mussel farming.

                                                                                                             The picture postcard cottages, small harbours and men of character make this an interesting island and wherever there are beautiful landscapes and colourful people artists are never far away. The Ile d'Yeu is no exception, there seem to be a large number of art galleries on the island, along with art exhibitions of every description. Whether one is an artist or not, the appreciation of the beautiful natural landscapes, the history, and the colourful characters will all make a lasting impression for one to take away and cherish.

On the west coast of the Ile d'Yeu amongst the rugged cliffs of the 'Côte Sauvage' a pretty little harbour (Port de la Meule) is one of only two refuges on the west coast of the island and from here the brightly coloured fishing boats set forth to harvest the crabs and lobsters of the rocky shoals off shore.



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